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how can someone be #1 with 83 wins in race of champions when they have only won 3 games all week.

buckie19001 Posts: 73 Level 2

  • How can Claudia be #1 in race of champions with 83 wins when she has only won 3 games this week.

  • Here is weekly race where she is clearly not #1.

  • Sorry Claudia, it is not your fault. Clearly a glitch at King.
  • Maybe @Crazy Cat Lad can correct it.



  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 137,397 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community.

    At the moment due to temporary problems you are facing such a problem. Work is underway to resolve the issue and you will find detailed information HERE.

    Once the work for the Weekly Race is completed, your race will work normally again.

  • buckie19001
    buckie19001 Posts: 73 Level 2

    So do we just lose at every weekly race cause of glitch? Looks like this problem has been going on since November.


  • buckie19001
    buckie19001 Posts: 73 Level 2

    @kiara_wael Here we go again.

    Are you being ripped off to.


    Posts: 21

    Level 2

    Are you being ripped off on the weekly race?

    I am, each week people win that have not really won. Support says they are working on it. Since November?

    Here is this weeks

    Shemika has only won 8 games this week, and NEVER won more than 47 in a week. HOW!

    Better yet Torium has only won 3 games this week and NEVER won more than 57 in a week.

    This is not good for the community. Come on Candy Crush fix it.

    How many times do we have to complain to be heard?


  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 12,428 Legend

    Hi @buckie19001 at the start of this week one player in my Weekly Contest completed 374 levels in less than nine hours. Obviously, I would say that isn't possible even if you throw money at the game to complete levels.

    Luckily the player in question is on here and they told me that they did not complete anywhere near that number of levels on Monday.

    There is definitely something not right with the Contest, but I don't think it is related to the issue of the Contest not resetting as Kiara thinks it is.

    If I were a betting person I think this is related to the Troll that appeared in people's games not so long ago. The Troll is an AI player that was added to the Weekly Contest of some players and always seemed to claim first place by completing an unfair amount of levels.

  • buckie19001
    buckie19001 Posts: 73 Level 2

    First thank you for getting back with me.

    Why even have it if it doesn't work? It just makes people upset seeing it is wrong. My wife doesn't like it when she knows she won 1st place and gets the 3rd place prize. I feel the same way. Why offer it? Take it off till it is fixed. As I have said it is not good for the community. Some of us take it serious playing candy crush several hours a day.

    Thank you again, Buckie

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 12,428 Legend


    I really wish I could answer you, but I am in the dark as much as you when it comes to why King do some of the things that they do.

    When the Chocolate Box got removed last year it was because it was causing issues that no one on here complained about, or even saw in their games. On the other hand Sam's Streak which didn't work from day one caused loads of complaints and it took ages for King to do anything about it.

    Similarly there is the issue of the Fast Race going missing once you (as an example) pass level 10,000. This issue has been mentioned numerous times and still the issue hasn't been fixed.

    Another example is adverts that cause the game to crash. This issue has been going on for over a year now, but the only response we get is that the issue is being investigated. Well if it takes over a year to investigate something then either it isn't being investigated, or the people doing the investigating don't know what they are doing.

    Long story short, I agree the game would be much better if they removed all of the faulty features and only reinstated them once they have been fixed.

  • buckie19001
    buckie19001 Posts: 73 Level 2

    Thank you.

    I am glad to see that others are seeing issues in the game. Perhaps if more people were to complain to not only the discussion but to support also something might get done.

    I feel for those that pay money for boosters and lives so they can win a level and then lose out on the free ones they could have won because of glitches. Watching all the adveradvertisements isn't that much fun if it doesn't help you win some kind of prize in the end.

    I hope they can fix the glitches they are effecting the community. People get tired of problems and don't play King will lose money. It is that simple.

  • bigfish
    bigfish Posts: 51 Level 3

    On my weekly race the same guy has been winning with high scores every week since around about 19th September so this is a long glitch, I do not know how to get the profile to see how many games he has played but this is getting boring

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 12,428 Legend

    Hi @bigfish the issue being referred to in this thread was supposedly being caused by a glitch. That glitch was 'fixed' any issues you see now are probably related to the Troll, or possibly how difficult the levels have become.

    If you do not pay to play you will struggle in the Contest against people that do pay.

    What is the high score you are referring to? Anything below 70-90 isn't that high. I also think that the Candy Cup is encouraging people to play for longer (and possibly pay more) than they usually do which makes losing your Weekly Contest more likely.

    Is the player scoring the high scores not in your 'friends' list?

  • bigfish
    bigfish Posts: 51 Level 3

    Hi Alienscar,

    did you read what I wrote the person I wrote about won every week since the beginning of September well before the new game started

    I do not pay but have won the weekly contest by luck with boosters now & again his were 238, 198 etc but the game does

    get boring when nobody else has a chance

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