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Level 10922

GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

This level has 20 moves.

You have three keys to get - They are covered in Jelly and well protected.

With 20 moves you are barely able to get one key.

Checked on YouTube- The video has 30 moves and the keys are free of jelly and less protected. Would take it this was played on a Windows platform.

Why are all platforms on a level playing field?

Android players are getting shafted.

Level 10916 was also impossible with 20 moves and 5 keys to get before you could even begin the level in earnest.

Don't really know why I'm posting this as the administration don't even care



  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    Hi @GordyF it really isn't a fun game any more is it. That's if it can still be called a game. It's more like being put in detention with not just 100 lines, more like 200. I now play each level a good 200 times and keep wondering why I'm bothering.

    I'm now on my 2nd day of level 10913 which started with 38 moves reduced to 30 now 20. Had a nightmare with level 10912 which wasn't even classed as hard, so the thought of getting to 10916 and 10922 just isn't inviting.

    What is going on with these levels where you can't even see what's under the frosting. Then when you clear it you have liquorice twists, keys, cherries, frogs etc to collect. It's got very silly.

    I've come to the stage where I'm just going to play once in a while and concentrate more on Duolingo learning Spanish which is free, fun and educational.

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

    Hi Carol-38

    Totally agree.

    Easy levels are nice now and again but you want levels that are challenging but not boring, Frustrating and absolutely impossible without the extra moves you have to accumulate after playing the level dozens of times ..... And then having to use gold to get the extra moves.

    Gold is hard to come by unless you win the episode race which now for myself is a rarity due to the severity of the levels.

    The two I mentioned aren't the only ones, Just the two I took time to mention.

    As I've said the admin and designers aren't interested.

    I would challenge any of them to show me how 10922 can be completed in its present form without using extra moves and an array of boosters.

    I'm a bit like yourself- Disillusioned with the whole game.

    Its totally changed over time.

    Its now just a money maker with no regard for the players that have been playing for years


    Take care

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

    And another thing.

    Don't know if you've noticed but once you start accumulating these extra moves the way the level pans out changes.

    More boosters drop down / appear than before and the game doesn't fk ( 'Cuse my French) you up as it was doing previously.

    Mainly I reckon to get you further into the level and to therefore entice you to squander your gold on the extra moves.

  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    Hi @GordyF Yes agree with everything you have said. The levels are now being designed to play with our minds, rather than us using our minds to play the game.

    There are so many levels controlled to stop the board opening up and every move is kept at the top. Then as you say if you do manage to get any further it's twisted to make you use gold bars/boosters. It's very boring.

    Been playing since the game started nearly 10 years ago. So many of my relatives and friends have now deleted the game, said it was stressing them out. It would be great if things changed for the better, but I'm not going to hold my breath. It's more about money now.

    I won't delete but I'm just going to play every now and again and see what happens.

    Good luck

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

    Hi Carol-38

    Was going to post about 10924 but there's no point.

    Aye a few of my friends have stopped playing as well.

    The few diehards that remain as you said after playing for all these years must be as you and I ..... Seriously " Pissed off "

    What really gets me is the attitude of the agents if you actually do manage to get a hold of one .... They're not interested.

    Their opinion is different platforms have differences and that's it ... They don't take on board genuine suggestions about the game.



  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    Hi GordyF, I think you should comment on level 10924. The best place to do it is on the 'Feedback on levels 10881-10925' thread.

    If you know how to find that that's good. If you don't, the best way is to open the 3 bars top left and click on discussion then scroll until you find it.

    Good luck

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2


    Went on a rant 😆

  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    It's a good thread to have and comment on. I do believe it is monitored and passed on to King. Now whether King take any notice is another question. But at least you can see how players are feeling. When you get higher look for the next Feedback thread, sometimes it's good for tips.

  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    Hi @GordyF re level 10916, the level where you need to collect 3 cherries. Can you remember if you needed boosters to pass. Now my 2nd day and nowhere near.

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

    Hi Carol

    Played it again a few times to jog my memory.

    I had started with boosters but they are not sufficient to beat the level so better off not wasting them at the start.

    You'll know by now you need the 5 keys to unlock the tiles.

    You can barely get them with the 20 moves given .....

    I had to accumulate extra moves - Waited until I had 30 or so and a decent board to continue but I remember having to use a ufo on this level as well.

    Unbelievably boring and impossible level.

    Best of luck

  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,118 Level 5

    Thanks, I haven't got a UFO yet. I've heard of others accumulating extra moves, I don't seem to have anything that allows me to do that. I'll have to look into it.

    Thanks again

  • GordyFGordyF Posts: 161 Level 2

    The longer you play the level and don't beat it the game starts adding extra moves to the 5 already on offer.

    Can't say how many times you have to play it before starting to get the extra moves - Never really counted but I know by that time you're on the verge of going insane

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