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Help re Fantastic5 private invites only

Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,104 Level 5

Can anyone help please. I was in a brilliant Fantastic 5 team but some have now stopped playing and others disappeared. I have tried a few since but again problems. The last one I was in only 2 of us were scouring points and that other person has now disappeared.

I have now put in requests for private invites only. How long does it take to know if I've been accepted.

I am an active player and score good points daily.


  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 5,517 Level 5

    In theory it shouldn't take too long @Carol-38 as all that needs to happen is for the team creator to accept your link.

    Things to bear in mind are that the team you are contacting could be anywhere in the world, so you will need allow for a time difference.

    Also a team may have been made private because the captain only wants people that they know on their team. That is, sending a request is no guarantee of being accepted.

    How do I join a team?

    1. Once you've found the team you'd like to join tap 'Request' and the team owner will receive and respond to your request. It might not be immediate, so keep in mind you may need to wait. Remember, if accepted, you'll leave any current team you're a member of.

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  • Carol-38Carol-38 Posts: 10,104 Level 5

    Thanks@Alienscar once again you have been very helpful. I will give it a few days.

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