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 👥 Friends disappeared/ empty friends list



  • José_Savelkoul
    José_Savelkoul Posts: 549 Level 4

    And just like I expected, nothing happens. Nothing at all is showing up, not through FB, and not through the Windows10-app either. And if I click other peoples links, I'm getting the "Oops! This link is invalid"-message, every single time. Please report this to maybe the Game Studio (it's not just happening on my end). Thanks in advance.

    Have a nice evening.

  • Bookster
    Bookster Posts: 351 Level 3

    I wanted to add my 2 cents in with some of the other players who are unhappy with this latest "update" regarding our friends list. I had gotten used to seeing the same people in my friends list and now that they're gone I miss seeing them. Now they're giving us a link to share with people on social media so that they can join our new friends list. So what about those of us that don't use social media that much or who don't want to get game friends that way? We're just out of luck and have to play with no "friends' to send lives to or try to beat their scores? Booooo. 😟👎️

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 11,333 Legend

    Hi @Bookster I 'miss' the people from my old lists as well. I didn't know any of them, and obviously I couldn't chat to them either but they became part of the game.

    Thing is the new list is made up of people from this forum, so my new list seems better in some ways because I recognise the names.

    So what about those of us that don't use social media that much or who don't want to get game friends that way?

    Well you can post the link anywhere you want you know it doesn't have to be on social media.

    You can email the link to people that you know. You can post it on Skype. You can even just share your link in a comment on this forum.

  • kurd2720
    kurd2720 Posts: 15 Level 2

    I entered a challenge and now I have lost the list of points, how can I enter the list of points again?

  • Dani_Re
    Dani_Re Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hey guys,

    I have a problem with my friend list - there is no one.. what can i do to get the friends Button on my profile?

  • i3raindead
    i3raindead Posts: 3 Newbie

    Why did you change the way you can see friends and swap lives? That was the best thing going for the game! Please revert back. I can no longer add or delete friends. I was really enjoying the restructure but then you changed it again. Really takes a fun part of the game away. So disappointed!

  • Mindy_OConnell
    Mindy_OConnell Posts: 43 Level 2

    I have lost my friends a=on all my King games - support gives the same steps for "recovering" or adding friends but nothing has helped I have to say I used to be a daily player and was always waiting for new levels and now I barely log into the game - I only log in to see if the issue has been resolved but so far it seems to be worse as all my crush games are doing the same thing friends gone no gifts of lives etc - I'm pretty much finished trying to resolve it on my own and the devs seem oblivious to the issue....

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