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Feedback on levels 11 466 - 11 510!



  • CandyFan1963
    CandyFan1963 Posts: 95 Level 2

    @ellectra How did you pass 11473?

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    Needed boosters, including jelly fish and a power pop. My version had 20 moves but no jelly under the spawner, weirdly it seemed to spawn the last jelly somewhere on the board. Either that or i had missed it and only spotted it later...but for sure nothing under the spawner since i didn't destroy it.

    Waiting for a fix for 11485 now since i am really low on gold bars and don't feel like potentially wasting my only ufo.

  • Tess92
    Tess92 Posts: 3,715 Level 5
    edited April 2022

    Hi CandyFan!

    If you have the version with the jelly under the magic mixer the only way is to waste lollipop hammers.

    However the level has been reported and they should fix it.

  • Tess92
    Tess92 Posts: 3,715 Level 5
    edited April 2022

    It would be a great idea if players who wasted hammers for this level (11473) were compensated. 😤

  • js_sj
    js_sj Posts: 23 Level 2

    I wish I had read this first. I wasted gold bars, a hammer and a switch on 11473 without realizing there were jellies under the spawner. Fine if you want to do that but you can't fully protect it at the same time. Ridiculous. Not something I've seen King try before. A new low.

  • denreed
    denreed Posts: 13 Level 2

    11473! can this be fixed please? Same as someone has already said, I’ve finished several times with moves left but no way of getting those last two without buying lollipops

  • ABC_Problem
    ABC_Problem Posts: 3 Newbie

    Then in english...

    Level 11485 on PC for 2 weeks you can play with 35 moves:

    And today on smartphone, you have onlý 21 Moves:

    So my question is quite simple, 
    why do you make a level so extremely difficult, 
    that it becomes almost impossible to complete and in such a short time?

  • santo_chris97
    santo_chris97 Posts: 1,494 Level 4
    edited April 2022

    I have played all levels yesterday. And yes, most of all levels are set to 20 moves and it's really impossible to finish them without boosters.

    Why you (refer to: level designer) do that? Please, add more moves, like 30 moves or more.

  • superbbob
    superbbob Posts: 5 Level 2

    The level 11473 is impossible without at least 7 lollipop boosters. Will I be reimbursed for all the boosters and lives I have lost while playing a level that is impossible to win? 11472 levels played!! I'm not an amateur and it's not the first time that I have spent days (and lives and boosters) playing impossible levels until they are finally fixed. It's really frustrating. I just wonder if it's ethical or even legal.

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    Not much about the game feels ethical these days, but it is definitely legal... it's a for profit game, we all play because we choose to, and the studio can make the game as easy or as difficult as they want, and charge what they want. We always have the option to quit.

    What they are guilty of though is false advertising given that at this point it is most definitely not possible to pass levels without boosters or extra moves or both... and not much about the game is relaxing.

    Hopefully 11473 will be fixed soon.

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