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Feedback on levels 11 466 - 11 510!



  • robopronad
    robopronad Posts: 12 Level 2

    I finally passed this level only to be stuck again on 3 levels later. To the makers of this game.... how about making them a bit closer in hardness? At one point with many years of playing this game, just in the last year or so.any of the hard levels are ridiculous. Without several boosters or a pile of gold (so you can buy 30 to 35 moves) the levels after these impossible level I'm able to clear them first try?

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,867 Level 5

    Hello levels designers, I want tell you about level 11485 and 11500 have not allow for starting as boosters and win streaks. And I saw for few friends from my game are stuck at extremely tough level 11485 and 11500.

    It is extremely tough level for without starting boosters and win streaks. I tried for level 11485 and 11500 for many times, but NO success for without using boosters. See you my screenshot with blue circle is not allow for starting of boosters. Please for what think you about this, but it’s not easy to play without using boosters.

  • Munster
    Munster Posts: 533 Level 3

    just wondering why there are two versions of the same level... this isn't the first level I came across that has this, level 11485 has one version with 26 moves and one with 35, what determines what level you get and why??

  • Stordita
    Stordita Posts: 165 Level 3

    I have only 21 moves.absurd!!!

  • Elviramartinez_61
    Elviramartinez_61 Posts: 2,049 Level 4

    Im my opinion they are all very difficult, most af them 90% with extra moves and bootsers , currentyl stuck at 11505.🥲🥲

  • superbbob
    superbbob Posts: 5 Level 2

    Here we go again!!! I waited (and wasted) two weeks for 11482 to be fixed. 24 hours later, 11485 is the new impossible with 21 moves. Of course complaining doesn't help and it's rather humiliating to keep doing it. So I've started my own little revenge. I've stopped clicking on ads and I refuse to spend one more cent on boosters. Slowly but surely, I'm weaning myself off this game. It won't hurt the company, but it feels good to take control of my situation.

  • undrakh
    undrakh Posts: 6 Level 2

    Dear Game Developers Team,

    This level has 3 versions, with 35, 26 and 21 moves.

    Why are you dropping the moves to impossible to go through move counts. I am unlucky to get the 21 moves version. Unless you purchase any bonuses, it is absolutely impossible to finish the game in 21 moves.

    The Candy Crush Saga getting too irritable to play, too many stressful hard levels in one episode. What strategy you are using? Please be reasonable.

    Re-look the level please. Hopefully you will hear me.

  • Fizz09
    Fizz09 Posts: 5 Pro Player 👑

    Please fix level 11485. There are not enough moves to beat this level even with Boosters. There is a difference between a hard level and a boring hard level.

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 78 Level 2

    Stuck at 11485. Got closer a few times with massive luck, but did not want to spend 10 gold bars for 5 moves, which might not have been enough.

    Tired of playing each level 50 times to get 35 moves for my gold bars.

    And then to be stuck at the next impossible level a few levels later.

    Someone at King decided to drop the moves to make them impossible and then slowly fix them during the week. Why?

    Don’t get it.

    (1) if it was just a money grab, they wouldnt fix it all

    (2) if they want user feedback. .... it doesnt take feedback to know that many of these leveks are almost not playable.

    (3) not enough resources .... but these levels are released already 2weeks on Windows .... seems plenty of time

    (4) they dont want everyone to finish the new levels in a day or two .... well then release a new episode every 2 days

    Anyway, I’ll tune out for a while. I’ll wait a while until the levels are fixed and can play again without aggravation.

    Good luck to you all.

  • Munster
    Munster Posts: 533 Level 3
    edited April 2022

    the version I have only has 21 moves, youtube has it at 39 moves for one version and 26 for another

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