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Feedback on levels 11 601 - 11 645!



  • Taatje
    Taatje Posts: 1 Newbie

    Well…. Stuck on level 11623 now and I decided it is not doable within the given amount of moves. Drives me nuts.

  • Appsv
    Appsv Posts: 77 Level 2

    The last line is the best . Moreover it increases your stress to a deadly level .. play one single level 50 times To get extra moves to pass because blindly levels are reduced to 20 moves even without testing . Horrible this game has become . Can’t believe this is the game with events like sugar candy . Playing old levels to get winning streak etc which makes it enjoyable not stressful

  • Appsv
    Appsv Posts: 77 Level 2

    Thanks @ellectra for saying this loud and clear . You have given me such a good reason to leave this game now . Well said I should also spend money on charity or helping poors rather than wasting it on useless games like candy crush . What value addition This game is doing to me nothing . They are meant for fun isn’t it ?? Well thank you thank you thank you , it’s such an eye opener . I think I had it all . Time to quit 😀😃

  • glenn_augustine
    glenn_augustine Posts: 125 Level 2

    Level 11617 seems like a few players facing this problem.with 19moves given and you tube more moves I this level.team com kind to fix the platform and increase movers and less blockers.so that players facing thus level nit so frustrating.

  • Anne62
    Anne62 Posts: 13 Level 2

    New here

    Had left the game for a while because certain levels were impossible.

    On coming back all seemed to have been rectified ..... Breezed through episodes earning enough gold to compensate for what I'd used, If any .... The game had become enjoyable again.

    Was getting offered extra moves in multiples of three after 5 attempts at a level .... Didn't use them a lot because all levels ( Some extremely hard ) Were doable.

    How things change on 11623 at the moment ... Ridiculous, 11617 was pathetic used gold on that one.

    2 - 3 Episodes ago things changed, Levels again became impossible, Now having to play a level multiple times before getting offered extra moves ..... 1 at a time.

    Levels during my " Holiday " must have been modified.

    Have read through a lot of the comments ...... So many people / Players cannot be wrong.

    The game has now become boring, Dull and frustrating.

    Too many levels with 20 moves ......This magical number 20

    Levels without the correct number of moves changes your gameplay and leads to you changing your in game strategy.

    I've read that they reduce the amount of moves after a couple of days because someone has completed the level in less than what was originally offered ...... But if you had the correct amount of moves in the first place you would play the level differently.

    I'm lucky still to have the F5 a lot of people have had it taken away.

    Oh and the game is now about blockers blockers and more blockers, Restricted moves at the start, Keys that don't fall, Frogs that are of no real use and fish that don't do their job ......And snakes

    They've " Designed " a UFO which moves faster Whoopee ******* Do , They've taken away the cascade on lower levels which for most people at the top was the only way to win certain competitions.

    They've removed the sugar drops .... Been a while now for that.

    They offer deals on unlimited boosters ......Why when it's impossible to complete a level with them ????

    All profit orientated.

    Any other business these days is about customer satisfaction ..... Obviously not this one .

    Anyway tomorrow's another day ..... Maybe things will get better 😴

  • patchot
    patchot Posts: 2 Newbie

    11635 no boosters only 19 moves i saw the tutorial vid it was 32 moves how come?

  • John_P
    John_P Posts: 36 Level 2

    Level 11626 has a liquorice lock that cannot be broken unless a fish breaks it or you use a lollipop hammer. Why doesn’t it behave like the other liquorice locks in the game?

  • Nicolene79
    Nicolene79 Posts: 9 Level 2

    I used up all my lives and boosters playing level 11626, where I noticed something “wrong”. There is a block (a 🍒 above the block) that no matter what I do, will not break. The lollipop hammer, striped candy as well as a combination striped and wrapped candy didn’t break it. It’s a good thing I never bought more lives & boosters as that would’ve been a waste of money as well. Attached are pics of where the “issue” is.

  • John_P
    John_P Posts: 36 Level 2

    Nicolene79, I was able to break it with a lollipop hammer. King, can you please fix this problem. Thank you.

  • Montrachet
    Montrachet Posts: 41 Level 2
    edited May 2022

    For attention of @LindQ if online today. An adjustment has indeed turned 11626 from incredibly difficult to literally impossible. As shown on the images above, the square under the cherry on the right hand side of the board is unbreakable by any conventional method. Please ask the designers to have a look ..... and maybe ease up the difficulty level overall if feeling generous. 🙏

    Update - Thank you to whoever made the change. Fixed and passed!! 👌

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