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Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,819 Community Manager
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Some game experts say that all players can be divided in four different groups of players.

Vote and comment on the player type that describes you the best.

Are you a Sweet Player?

Winning or getting great score is not the most important thing for the Sweet Player. It's just a bonus. The Sweet Player likes to play together with their friends and family to compare scores and progress. The success of their friends makes them as happy as their own. 

Maybe the Divine Player describes you the best?

Getting three stars on every level and completing every event as number one is the most important thing for the Divine Player. The Divine Player is also a helpful player and loves to help their friends when they are stuck on a tricky level.

Is the Sassy player you?

The Sassy Player wants to be the master of the game. Being in full control of all game modes, events, features and mechanics. There is not a single thing that they don't know about the game or can't handle in Candy Crush Saga.

Or are you a Crusher?

The Crusher is usually on the current last level in the game. They are at least ahead of all their friends that are far behind on the Saga map. If a friend passes their level in the game, the Crushing player will need to play until they are number one again. 

Vote and comment on which player you are and get your own player badge!

You have until Monday 23 May 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to claim the badge. You’ll find terms and conditions here.

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