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Gold Bar Rewards in Episode Race

LDBr Posts: 49 Level 2

In the past, the Episode Race was so much fairer. There would be different gold bar rewards for every participant (First place=15 or 20 / Second place=8 / Third Place=5 / Fourth Place=2/ Fifth Place=1).

Now only the first 2 positions are rewarded (First = 15 or 20 / Second = 5). Everyone else only gets 1 gold bar.

What's the point??

It's the same thing with the Weekly Contest. What's the point in coming second or third if we're just going to get 1 colour bomb. There used to be an incentive to get into the top three. You've taken that away.

Just makes playing less fun ☹️


  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 13,506 Legend

    Hello @LDBr there are quite a few posts on this subject, and all of them agree with you in that the change to the rewards makes no sense.

    My opinion is that King are making these changes to reward those players that don't mind paying to play the game. That is, if a player pays they are more likely to get the best reward compared to a player that never pays

  • LDBr
    LDBr Posts: 49 Level 2

    @Alienscar Thanks very much for your reply - your opinion makes so much sense. You are absolutely correct in your analysis of what is going on.

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