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Purchasing Accidentally - 10 gold bars lost

Squirrelwife Posts: 136 Level 3

I've accidentally purchased things a few times before and decided to ignore it at that time.

I also DO purchase intentionally when i have enough moves given and know i could win the game.

But now, this is getting way too maddening.

I accidentally clicked on the "Continue To Play?" button today, which never gives you an option to reconfirm.

I only got 5 moves, which then of course made me lose the game.

Yes, i do purchase extra moves, but only when i have like 20 or more left.

I would NEVER had purchased more moves with only 5 left.

So, i lost 10 gold bars for nothing.

I noticed that other things, like the spring climbing tree, etc..., will ask you if you really want to claim it. That gives you an option.

So, why not reconfirming if i REALLY want to make a purchase? Vendors all over the internet give you an option.

Not Candy Crush. It's about the money, which is really sad.

And so, i am asking you to pls. restore the 10 gold bars. I am not cheating.

To me, it's not about the money necessarily, it's about losing gold bars....

I noticed a lot of other people are infuriated by that. If you have a good reason to not give people an option, i am willing to listen.

Thanks, i have been playing for years. I am at 6365 - which is the level i lost my gold bars at.


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