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We want your feedback on the levels 11 961 - 12 005!



  • Elviramartinez_61
    Elviramartinez_61 Posts: 2,043 Level 4

    Correction l like to lose and also win.

  • Elviramartinez_61
    Elviramartinez_61 Posts: 2,043 Level 4

    Can anybody help me🥰

  • Scorpio54
    Scorpio54 Posts: 63 Level 3

    Have been stuck on level 11974 all day. Once again the videos show 32 moves while I only have 20. Why do we continue to be treated unfairly? This affects our ability to win the Episode Race, so therefore we are unable to collect gold bars to assist us with hard levels. My boosters are almost all gone.

  • CandyFan1963
    CandyFan1963 Posts: 95 Level 2
    edited June 2022

    I was lucky finishing first two episodes and half of third before moves reduced and difficulty added on Friday. Now still stuck on 12001 which there is no way to finish without lots of extra moves and boosters at this stage. I say as @ellectra (love the name btw) "Stopping until the normal amount of moves is restored, levels unwinnable in current form". Happy Sunday enjoy summer all!

  • Ritababis
    Ritababis Posts: 35 Level 2

    Level 11989,is simply impossible to pass with only 20 moves!

  • Elviramartinez_61
    Elviramartinez_61 Posts: 2,043 Level 4

    l'm still in 11983 l leave it for a while.

  • horrorqueen
    horrorqueen Posts: 16 Level 2

    12004 moves have been reduced and now no way to pass it. I’ve used boosters and the ice cream truck thing…. Still get nowhere near it. Very frustrating, got so far then hit a wall. Standard King move… I won’t be buying coins..I’ll just wait until you sort it out.

  • geln77
    geln77 Posts: 60 Level 2

    It seems to me that there is absolutely no advantage or even pleasure in being at the "top" of this game. If anything, players at the uppermost levels are actually in a *test group* many moves can we cut / blockers can we add before players will complain / pay for gold bars -or take a week off? Why should you spend days on an (easy?? level?) . Not only do pre- game boosters (which used to work with hard levels) do nothing, I seem to get an even worse "hand" when I do use them. My feedback for levels 11 961-12 005 ...we'll see when I come back in a few weeks once they've been re-adjusted and made playable. Since it does no good to single out specific levels (when 12 of 15 require 20+ moves), I'll just say this; nothing about this game in it's current iteration is fun or relaxing..quite the opposite- and I know that because I just took 20 minutes out of my day to send an *open letter/complaint* on what should be a relaxing day off.

  • geln77
    geln77 Posts: 60 Level 2

    You know how the most enjoyable part of playing Candy Crush is ? Playing Candy Crush. How about those levels with the skull boxes that you have to hit 4-8 times before you can actually start playing the level. Are those fun? for anyone? Where I'm from it's called "busy work"..basically a non job meant to distract or keep you occupied. I'm sure in the last week or two I seem to have had a lot of those levels --levels where I couldn't even BEGIN to clear the board because I have to hit a (not so randomly) placed box a bunch before I could problem solve. I'm sure a lot of thought is put into designing levels and monetizing them, but if I can't even HALF finish a level does not work. I will not watch ads. I will not use boosters . I will not buy extra moves.


  • Klhr
    Klhr Posts: 18 Level 2

    11989 impossible with 20 moves. Please fix.

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