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  • nanny2twins2
    nanny2twins2 Posts: 1 Newbie

    not worth adding new friends anymore , if you have 10 friends and they each send you a life daily that gives you your max for the day so going to delete the friends on my list who i have added just for candy and not add any more friend requests

  • lorieb4
    lorieb4 Posts: 34 Level 2

    My take…I spend money on this game. Sometimes I need to play a nightmarishly hard level 35 times to get enough additional moves where I will feel confidant that I can beat it if I pay for extra moves..if I didn’t feel confidant, then I wouldn’t pay for extra moves, I would just continue to play until all the planets aligned and I knew I’d be able to beat it. This takes time and many many lives. By limiting the number of lives per day, it just extends out the time frame of me hitting that sweet spot where I’ll pay money to pass the level. It’s hurting King…not me. No one can be forced to pay for extra moves, it’s a personal choice…much like happiness is a choice. I choose happiness and will never bow to pressure from a company full of money centric elitists who care nothing about the players experience but only their bottom line which is not hurting at all. But a lot of people are hurting right now…they could do something sincere and return the use of our lives.

  • Azeret
    Azeret Posts: 36 Level 2

    Games is supposed to relax someone but to put limit on lives per day is giving more stress than any other thing.

  • Jettalady
    Jettalady Posts: 19 Level 2

    I want to know why some players get 30 lives a day others 20 lives and me 15 lives a day. Why isn’t king responding to our wanting all of our friends lives back. They want us to invite friends, but why should we when they have taken lives away from us. The only thing they straightened out today was showing what friends were at the level you are playing and what number they came in at. I am so disgusted with King now. Wish they would wake up and make this a pleasurable game again.

  • llebllib
    llebllib Posts: 15 Level 2

    I can only assume it’s based on the level you’re on? 30 lives for me and I’m currently on level 12223… for daaaays now. 😩

  • Tinador01
    Tinador01 Posts: 17 Level 2

    20 lives for me and I’m on level 5979. I’ve stopped playing. I don’t care how long it takes me to get thru a level. I’m not racing against anyone. I play to 35 and then use 10 gold bars. If I stil

    l can’t get it. I just keep playing until I win. Sorry they wanted to change the rules I now change how I play.

  • dkb831
    dkb831 Posts: 1 Newbie

    I agree with what seems to be the consensus. I will quit over this! I’ve been playing for years and I’m up on levels in the 12,000s. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game & feel if our friends want to send us lives we should be able to accept. This isn’t for “overall good of the game”. The only difference it makes to the creators is that we’re not spending money to buy lives! Y’all are getting greedy & don’t care about the very customers that made this game the #1 app. I think one thing you can guarantee yourselves if you move forward with this is that you will lose a lot of players….probably a lot of players like me that do spend money on extras.

  • Tinador01
    Tinador01 Posts: 17 Level 2

    Absolutely appears to be by level. Sorry they can keep their game. Going back to words with chums. Less frustrating

    i hope everyone is contacting administration and letting them know. It can only help

  • JHFreshwater
    JHFreshwater Posts: 6 Level 2

    Are you folks at King or who ever owns your stupid butts even listening to the supporters of you GAME OF RELAXATION that has become a GAME OF STRESS. If you haven't noticed over and over I am reading that folks are really fustrated with the way you are treating them and even some have out right deleted you.

    Since you feel that the player isn't an important factor in you game of GREED, you can only suffer so much loss before your bottom line goes straight down the drain.

    I won't spend another penny on a game that the owners are so errogant that they just sit and laugh at us. Hope you like not being as rich when your stock hits $0.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😣

  • mbrewster
    mbrewster Posts: 1 Newbie

    This new "life hoarding rule" is complete B.S.! I have played a very long time and feel this "rule" is only a ploy to make more money. I have limited time at the end of the day and choose to use my spare time to play Candy Crush.

    My ability to play as much as I'd like is limited due to this crap.

    No thanks King, I am NOT happy.

    I haven't seen one person post that this "rule" was a great idea!

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