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  • terranova11
    terranova11 Posts: 124 Level 3

    This gets even more and more ridiculous.

    Just won a colourbomb for 1 hour. Can't play because i have accepted my daily limit of 20 lives.😡

    But i have 900+ lives in stock.

    So....won a reward...cannot play because King decides what I can do with MY lives given to me by MY friends...

    Maybe they have to look in to the difference between accepting lives and playing 

    This is NOT okay

  • messenabout
    messenabout Posts: 307 Pro Player 👑

    What's with this new 200 daily lives limit?There's also a limit of 20 per day on accepting lives from other players. The maximum you can have saved is 200. And that is the maximum you can play per day.

    Not happy one little bit! Health issues keep me at home and I am unable to do much of anything besides sitting. I play Candy Crush for hours on end. Now they're basically taking it away from me. The internet and Candy Crush are pretty much all I've got going for me in my life. The day has barely started and I am not allowed to play anymore. What does it matter to them anyway? They better take away some of those ridiculous levels that take us 300 lives just to get through them! I am really unhappy with this new development.

    And as someone mentioned, what about those timed boosters?

  • Fran334
    Fran334 Posts: 380 Level 3

    Yes that is what I saw on a different page what level are you at

  • messenabout
    messenabout Posts: 307 Pro Player 👑


    Thank you for contacting King Player Support, my name is Erick, and I'll be delighted to lend you a helping hand!

    I'm sorry to hear that you discovered today about the changes made to the lives of Candy Crush Saga. As you have noticed, now your lives have a capacity limit.

    You can verify your max limit by touching the mailbox icon. In the “Lives” tab, next to the small envelope icon, your limit will be displayed there (e.g. 30/30, where the second number is the limit). If you have reached your peak, you won’t receive more lives. Any lives previously saved won’t be lost, they can be used first until space is cleared for new ones.

    I hope this won’t affect your gameplay enjoyment, and I'll be sure to pass your feedback to the development team, so thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    Please bear in mind that changes are made constantly to the game itself and its rewards to help keep our players engaged and enjoying sweet new adventures. As such, while we are always dedicated to providing the finest in mobile gaming fun, the team will tweak aspects of the game from time to time to test new features and evaluate possible improvements to ensure our games are well-balanced and viable.

    Rest assured, your feedback has been noted for our Development team to take into consideration with future updates and improvements.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us again!

    Have a wonderful day, Terri! 😊😉

    I will soon send you a quick feedback survey so that you can rate the assistance that I personally provided you with. Please take a moment to share your experience, it will mean a great deal to me. Thank you in advance.

    If your issue hasn't been resolved, please disregard the evaluation and reply back to this message. ❗

    Kind regards,


    King Player Support

  • terranova11
    terranova11 Posts: 124 Level 3

    @Fran334 12361...earned reward can't play....

  • terranova11
    terranova11 Posts: 124 Level 3

    @messenabout , thanks for posting that...

    Just a small quote from Erick (King Player Support)

    ""If you have reached your peak, you won’t receive more lives. Any lives previously saved won’t be lost, they can be used first until space is cleared for new ones.""

    There is the mistake.

    I do have more lives saved but i am unable to use them!!!

    Only can use 20....

    So...they DO NOT listen, they DO NOT read, and most of all...

    They DO NOT appreciate us.

  • Pattyt67
    Pattyt67 Posts: 247 Level 3

    I wonder how many lives Erick gets…..

  • Azeret
    Azeret Posts: 36 Level 2

    King game admin isn't interested in our complaints at all. From over a month now that people are complaining about the new rules to the lives saved and the lives used they add additional (5) lives used per day from 15 lives to 20 lives. It's pathetic really. Please explain to all of us at once on this blog.

    1. Why we need to save 200 lives but some can use 5,10,15,20,25,30ect.

    2. Why aren't we treated equally on this game.


  • kellideist
    kellideist Posts: 1 Newbie

    This new daily lives limit is a joke. It’s unfair to only allow us 20 lives by a day so that you can try to force us to buy lives!! If these things continue to happen I’ll just delete the game all together because it stinks that we can’t save more than 200 lives and can’t use more than 20 a day! 😡 not a happier crusher right now.

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