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How to pass levels 12292 and 12298

pillow6 Posts: 1,086 Level 5

For those who get stuck on 12292 and 12298, watch these two videos. They will help you.

12292 :

12298 :


  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,634 Level 5

    @pillow6 those of us on the higher levels know that we can find videos on YouTube, thank you. As we are on these levels we know what the moves are now, unfortunately as you are on the 5000's you are unable to access the levels to see what the moves have been reduced to.

    The links you have sent are of no use as 12292 was 35 moves as the link you sent shows, moves are now 22 (yes 13 moves less). 12298 was 24 as the link you sent shows now 20. And neither are possible without using 10 gold bars for extra moves and/or lots and lots of boosters.

    So what you have sent is of no use whatsoever. I know you mean well, but the video links you KEEP sending are more of a wind up rather than a help. So please think about all of the above before sending more.

    Thank you and hope you are enjoying your levels.

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