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(ENDED) 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Candy Crush Race - Pass 100 levels and get a Candy Cup Race badge!

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Welcome to the Candy Cup Race 🏃

This is a contest where you can win a special Candy Cup Race badge by passing 100 levels.

The first ever Candy Cup tournament has arrived and while you all have the chance to compete in the Cup for amazing prizes that you can read more about HERE, we didn't want to stop the fun there.

How to participate?

Post a screenshot of your Saga map where you are starting, so before you pass any new levels. Then come back and post another screenshot of your Saga map when you have passed 100 levels.

So for example, if you post a screenshot showing that you start at level 200, you need to come back with another screenshot of when you are at least on level 300. Got it? Let's go!

You need to post your final screenshot before the 10th of October. Remember that it might take a few days to get the badge, so don't worry if you do not get it instantly.

What can I win?

Everyone who passes 100 levels will get the Candy Cup Race badge shown below! Good luck!

How to post a screenshot

Check out this page on how to take a screenshot

Click this button to upload your picture

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