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🏆Candy Cup Is Live - Share your thoughts and screenshots 😊



  • Munster
    Munster Posts: 545 Level 3

    came in fourth place so I didn't make it to the finals, it's really disheartening because I'm at the end of the game and have to wait until Wednesday so the game can reset for more my chances of going to the finals is over because I can't finish more episodes to get green jellies?? totally unfair

  • jcaristi
    jcaristi Posts: 4 Newbie

    I didn't make it either. It's disheartening when you work hard and someone uses a cheat to blow you out of the water.

  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,200 Level 5

    Amazing, @Doondie. You just saved me ~3 weeks stress/frustration. Maybe you should work for King. You certainly understand things better than them. 😛 Finally, I got my rewards:

    And I'm impressed with your sleuthing; you're literally the only person I've seen who found that Candy Cup resource. Where do you play CCS btw? Your game design's snazzier than mine. My Candy Cup tab doesn't have an option for Results, and my Episode Race doesn't indicate the Win streak # in the tab.

    I also saw your post in another thread about the Finals' grand prize. As ridiculous as this 11-hr claim timer for the rounds is, it pales in comparison to King's plan for distributing the 30 party poppers. I honestly thought all x30 would be added to the winners' inventory after the Finals ended. Instead, having to log in to the game from 10/11 to 11/10 each day to claim them individually makes zero sense. King could and should be doing other things with the game data besides wasting space in it.

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 157,899 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Congratulations to all of winners who have qualified to the Finals! 🎉😄

    Another players who haven't qualified to the Finals! This is the absolute last chance to make it before the Finals begin! Hope you good luck for winning this time! 😉

  • teeweiping
    teeweiping Posts: 7,290 Level 5

    How many green candy you manage to collect on level 8000? on level 1000 I manage to collect 800 green candies on average. on level 2000 I only get 100+ green candies. I'm afraid that if I don't play new level probably I won't place at top 3 on Candy Cup ranking board.

  • lelensp
    lelensp Posts: 52,734 Level 5

    sometimes 800 sometimes lower. But it takes less time than playing 1000 besides its so hard to scroll down from 12000 which is my current level.

  • ZsazsaSusan
    ZsazsaSusan Posts: 68 Level 2

    I just kept logging in and out.finally I'm loaded game first..then went into main compete. I ended up 5 hours late to start

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 16,176 Candy Moderator

    Thanks for the tips of levels that give a lot of green candies everyone. Levels 2626 and 3309 also give a lot of green candies.

    I didn't play a lot leading up to the cup, so I could save as many levels as possible. But I had to play a lot of levels for the semi-finals - so I only have 4 new episodes currently and after tomorrow that will only be 7 episodes and I am sure I will need more than that for the finals. Also I am guessing we will need to be in first place this time to win the ultimate prize. So I will need to replay some of the old levels to continue adding green candies to my total.


  • Doondie
    Doondie Posts: 1,255 Level 5
    edited October 2022

    haha Glad you found the info useful, @Deryck. 😃

    Where are you from, btw? I found 2 new words in your comment. 😂

    I play on my Android smartphone. You've probably forgotten about the Results button - it appears after the round is up. It's a 2-in-1 button, I guess - results + claim. And it's gone after clicking it - later replaced by the cooldown to next round.

    Regarding my episode win streak in the Champion's Race showing on the button - it wasn't doing it until I updated the game 4-ish days ago. The virtual navigation keys normally present at the bottom of my screen as an overlay disappeared as a result of this. Now I gotta activate the notifications bar by sliding my finger from the top for the virtual keys to appear for a couple of seconds. Anyhow, I updated the game hoping this Champion's Race would give 45 gold bars instead of 40, since I saw some people posting screenshots with 45 GB but nah - it didn't. Not only that but the very first race almost gave me a heart attack, as I nearly lost my then 219 streak. 😮😁

    Old race looked better, tbh. It was divided into 3x 5-level increments. As funny as it may sound, I realised hardly today that those weren't live races. lmao

    Regarding the ultimate reward distribution - it appears we'll be able to stored the boosters, as @Alienscar pointed out in another thread. However, forcing people to claim it 1 booster at a time for 30 days is annoying. Not only that but if you miss a day, the booster is gone. Moreover, there's a claim deadline for the initial reward too. 😒

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