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Some of my goldbars disappeared, and i did not get the reward on my chocolate box....

Squirrelwife Posts: 136 Level 3


First of all, whoever does the graphic on CC, kudos to them. I love summer, so i love the summer graphics, hopefully the fall ones won't come too soon.

However, the strangest thing happened to me this morning when i opened CC Saga. All of a sudden, my goldbars went down from 23 to 17 without me purchasing anything or doing anything different. I happen to remember they were 23 as i had gotten 5 yesterday as a reward for completing an episode.

So, suddenly they were gone.

Then i completed the last phase of the chocolate box this morning, meaning getting 15 sprinkled balls.

It even said that i completed those balls which would have given me the end of the 4 phases, thus giving me the claim for that box.

Instead, i got a new chocolate box telling me that i needed another 3 to go. Makes no sense!

Kindly look into this, please, as i had done nothing to make me lose those rewards.

Thanks, otherwise it is a fun game, and again, love the cheerful colors.



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