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What is KING going to DO to stop the cheating and cheater during finals?

ZsazsaSusan Posts: 68 Level 2
edited October 2022 in Discussions

Bad enough I now have to pay to compete. I get basically 1or 3 boosters on daily turn out. No extra lives no videos..races. candy royal and even chocolate boxes are now jokes..No extra shit for 3more turns

Within 5 minutes of game see ridiculous scores of +50k and the event hasn't even been in play more than 5minutes. My highest level I posted maybe 4k.I seen people post over a million on score overall on these actual fourms and the torney hasn't even been in play for 5 hours. There are tons of reported hacks. What do you plan to do so your actual real paying customers..have a chance in finals CCS KING?


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