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We want your feedback on the levels 13 386 - 13 430



  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    Just played Level 13429 with the intention of passing by spending my last 10 gold. The start moves, plus 65 extra moves, plus a spaceship, were not enough. I selected the play on as it was the best out of 10 plays. How can King justify this situation of unplayability? I am deliberately hanging back from starting the new releases in the hope they will be fixed by the time I get to them, but it seems that it's not happening.

  • Sabatah
    Sabatah Posts: 33 Level 2

    13402. Another impossible level. I am getting tired of these impossible levels with bout 20moves for like 260 jellies covered by blockers and licorice and so on. You know we can’t get past it without buying the extra 60 moves and even so, barely getting thru even with the 60 moves. Come on cc, making hard levels is ok, but these need to be doable without having to have ti buy your way past it and waiting for 3 times the moves you’ve given in the first place for the level. Signed a little fed up of these ridiculous levels

  • joandsteve
    joandsteve Posts: 17 Level 2

    Level 13429 nightmarishly hard level should be reclassified as practically impossible without 10 gold bars and an extra 65 moves. I’ve been on this level now for 5 days playing on iPhone and iPad and have yet to come even close to completing it.

  • vancouver
    vancouver Posts: 17 Level 2

    13426 is still impossible with 23 moves! Please fix it!

  • vancouver
    vancouver Posts: 17 Level 2

    Finally I deleted my candy crush from my phone! After contacting them again and again for my technical Issue, with only the auto replies, I realized the King was nothing but a cold-blooded greedy money grabber! I have better things to do than wasting my time on this! It’s been over 10 years and I finally quit! Thanks King for your ignorance and making all these stupid impossible levels to kick out your players! Goodbye!

  • Helicalprime
    Helicalprime Posts: 54 Level 2

    13428 impossible with 20 moves please change thanks

  • danielledkk78
    danielledkk78 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Gestrand in level 13429.

    zelfs met 65 extra zetten die ik kon aanschaffen na het inleveren van 10 goudstaven kon ik het level nog niet uitspelen. Dus met de 27 zetten die je krijgt voor dit level is het dus helemaal onmogelijk.

    de lol gaat er op deze manier wel van af als je iedere keer lang blijft hangen in een level. Dan kunnen jullie allemaal leuke evenementen verzinnen maar daar heb je dus geen klap aan!

    dus hou het leuk!

  • joandsteve
    joandsteve Posts: 17 Level 2

    Level 13444 another nightmarishly hard level. 10 gold bars needed for extra moves. King is sucking the enjoyment out of the game now!

  • lnheck
    lnheck Posts: 4 Newbie

    I’m noticing that the number of play moves decreases to make it impossible to finish a level without boosters or purchasing something. Also, the videos posted to help get through hard levels have almost 20 more moves on them when they start, so they are useless it’s pretty much impossible to pass a level on the first try For most of the games candy crush has really taken all the fun out of it over the last year! Might be time to look for a new game

  • lnheck
    lnheck Posts: 4 Newbie

    19 moves allowed for level, 13714? Seriously? Why are some players getting more moves to start games, but others get the bare minimum? I’ve noticed this on quite a few games after the 10,000 level. Way to reward the players, who actually spend money and time on the game…🤦🏼‍♀️

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