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Star Collection

bmkersey08 Posts: 5,739 Pro Player 👑

I would like to suggest that the Star Collection to get rewards be offered on Wednesdays when the new levels come out. This contest really isn’t fair to players who have few or no new levels to play….

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  • karkkivaras
    karkkivaras Posts: 9 Level 2

    I wonder what kind of star targets others have. At least mine are ridiculous. I hadn’t yet done this week’s new levels so have 45 left. I would need more than 3 stars from each to even reach the first reward. With the last 45 I have scored mostly 3 with some 6 and quite many of the hardest levels with 1 star. Reaching the top price I would need to score full 6 stars from 34/45 levels and 3 for the rest - give me a break 😫

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