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🍭 The Sweet Choice - Learn more about it 😉

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The sweet choice is finally here!

Be on the lookout for Tiffi’s golden thumbs-up seal. The sweet choice will help you decide on the most appropriate pre-level booster for some levels that you might find extra challenging. This may give you the advantage of clearing tricky levels. 

How does it work?

The sweet choice is based on what other Candy Crush Saga® players have used on that particular level, with some personal favorites selected by the Candy Crush Saga staff.

Selecting the recommended booster doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pass the level, but it will likely give you an edge against other players 😉

When do I get this?

The sweet choice is available when you start playing Candy Crush Saga.

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🍭 The Sweet Choice - Learn more about it 😉 228 votes

Sweet! I find this feature helpful and I will use it
Lady_Choo_Elsa_Bobbi_LinskensRose_WaltersDama_BakerChantelleMaria_ColellaSabrinaMDiamond_Limkiara_waelbearwithmebd1987mintmin2nishajojojohndvonnativegold27regenmaf34100karma89keshavrf 156 votes
Sour! I don't find this helpful... (Please comment why)
DoondieMzMinervaGamble3RJMchammerMakumb1Jeni123 6 votes
I prefer to chose the booster I want to use
Peter_TornaroscookiemaeTzvi_MarcuKazza-3ScooterpieColleen12messenaboutPitty_KittylesleydelamarBlackcat41mrs_dee_53rebelchildandielderbwellsmorrow26rogerrabbitChristineStumpf98LofaarMatze1238Amirawan2440 41 votes
I don't understand how it works
barbara1129chotahajishellybellybjayjay21tinateen22Scubaiiadidas11zs1982Melissam1992ameliabahiairene46黃婉瑄Hanikhalafxanderlynlin1223love750507Alic333gurwinder2580[Deleted User]Icyeierosheey 25 votes


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