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Candy crush is a great free game. You can pass without cheating or spending money.

cookiemae Posts: 336 Level 3

Some people game is so weak they believe others are cheating or spending a lot on gold because they are high level players. I am over level 13,500 and not a cheater plus I do not spend money on the game. Sure I have lots of boosters and gold but I have been playing for over 11 years I save my boosters and gold only for use if I have played the level many times. Many people do as I have only use gold or boosters after a specific number of times playing a level. It's sad hearing all these negative comments about a game.


  • prince_bk
    prince_bk Posts: 261 Level 3

    As a 13300 player, I agree that fully

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 2,911 Level 5

    I made it to the last level available, but cannot fully agree. I was stuck and ready to give up the game a few months ago and only kept going because I discovered by chance how to get a good number of UFOs and a free party booster by simply logging off, playing a new game and then logging back into my account with the free boosters. Also I payed a small amount for the gold path on the Seasons Pass, which is a good event that gives you a free UFO and a party booster for £1.99 by replaying old levels. These boosters in hand I was lucky to win 500 gold bars on Candy Royale which helped me get back on a winning streak and win episode races for more gold and yes, that way I started to enjoy the game again. If you have gold and boosters, using them wisely is challenging fun.

    But the fact remains that those of us who have got this far made our progress years ago when the game was easier and rewards easier to get. The way levels have been made harder other players do not stand a chance to catch us up. Once you have no gold you really are completely stuck. Those who have gold can win all the competitions and events, I can vouch for that. But once you are out of that loop you find yourself in a vicious circle of being unable to get anywhere at all. You cannot win the last chocolate box or any episode races without spending gold to get through enough levels quickly enough. You cannot ever get onto a winning streak. Those playing an honest game are being pushed out. It is frustrating to see this and the game is moribund unless this gets changed.

  • JJ09012011
    JJ09012011 Posts: 167 Level 2

    That's true. Although King sometimes goes overboard with hard levels, it doesn't deserve so much negativity for this brilliant game. (I'm at 13745).

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