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Here we go again !!!!!!!

Glen_Robins Posts: 56 Level 3

O.K so why now am I being restricted to access my extra lives, first King limit the number to 20 and now I have used my 5 lives and am having to wait over 4 hours to access my extra lives sent by my Candy Friends !! This is a complete cock up !! Worst still the race to complete a 8 level streak is absolutely impossible, I am on level 13, 255 and levels are impossible to pass first time with nightmarishly hard levels every 2 or 3 levels !! Absolutely no chance of having any free gold bars, I admit I am addicted to Candy Crush but I'm afraid this is the last straw. I'm done playing, I no longer get any pleasure from this game that is set on making me spend my money to advance in this game, sorry it ain't happening

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