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I don't understand all the complaints.

cookiemae Posts: 348 Level 3

King is a business.Play the free game or not. This whining about lives and boosters not enough moves and so on. My god it hasn't changed anything so far.I would have hoped we would use this forum to help each other pass levels and get news about this game but nope. You don't have to spend money it's on you not king.


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 2,987 Level 5

    Yes, but it isn't always the same people whining, have you noticed? It annoys me too that there are so many complaints about "ads not showing", but those come from new players all the time. As for there not being enough moves, have you not reached the impossible levels yet? All I want is for the money spent on a booster package to be VALUE FOR MONEY, like it used to be years ago. Buying indefinite lives and starting boosters used to get you ahead in the game and help you pass levels and give you fun. This is not the case any more. Now they force you to pay for extra moves which takes away gameplay and fun. A good business should give value for money. As for helping each other to pass levels, that is exactly what I would want. But we can't. Because there is no gameplay or skill involved. The gameboard is fixed by King. They decide if a level is passable and who gets to pass. How do you suggest we in the forum help each other in this situation?

  • Deal_One
    Deal_One Posts: 181 Level 2

    When I first started a couple months ago I didn’t see that many complaints. Now I understand why they are complaining lol.

  • fireballnyc
    fireballnyc Posts: 3 Newbie

    First of all, if you dont like all the complaints, dont read them. Its Very simple.Its a forum. People have a right to voice their opinions and discuss what they want about the game.

    Second, whining and complaining are valid when the game makes you feel cheated and ripped off. Here's a fact King has reduced or shortened the number of moves that you get on several levels to make it harder to pass, almost forcing you to buy some "help". Also fact, in the past they gave many gold bars for passing levels, hitting milestones etc. Now you are lucky to get 1 bomb. They even took away the 2nd and 3rd place gold bars from the level race. Now you will recieve color bombs and other non helpful bonuses. Another fact, I was always offered to watch a video to earn gold bars for free Because I would never buy any help to pass a level. However as soon as I started buying gold bars candies etc. the videos to earn free bonuses completely stopped and dissappeared.

    In my opinion, the things i mentioned are worth complaining about and I will continue to do so.

    Also: Fact: King has made a fortune from this game since it was first rolled out 10 years ago. If you look at the top grossing games lists on Google Play and the Apple App Store, CANDY CRUSH is consistently among the top 10 highest grossing games week after week, month after momth and year after year. It is usually in the top 3 or even the number 1 highest grossing game. It is a safe bet to say this game has been a top grosser since it started over 10 years ago.

    If they make the game so hard that to pass levels you need to buy extra moves and bonuses, is this really a free game?

  • tbird17779
    tbird17779 Posts: 3 Newbie

    I could not agree more. I have been playing for about 8 years now. I would purchase gold bars to support the game play, because at the time I really enjoyed the game. Now that I am nearing the end of the game 13600+ level, I clearly need to purchase more lives to advance. Recently, I had a bonus of 60 moves due to not being able to pass the level, spent the 10 gold bars, did not even pass the level, had to spend 16 more gold bars to get another 60 moves. Now, it appears that every single level going forward you need to spend gold bars to pass a level. It upsets me to think how much money and time I have spent on this game to see what it has become... It has now turned into corporate greed, I no longer want to support a game like this anymore.

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