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Friends or pains?

rogerrabbit Posts: 15 Level 2

I have many friends and I am very happy with the majority of them. Most of them return lives back to me, Many never request lives yet they take them but some never give any back. My pet peeve is after I been generous in helping my friends some select ones continue to ask for more yet never return them to me. After so long they are gone. I remove them, I am thankful for my loving and caring friends. Does others deal with this issue as well?


  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 14,409 Legend

    Hi @rogerrabbit

    Are you sure people aren't sending you lives? If you have 200 lives stored any lives sent to you aren't received.

    I always send a life when asked and it does not concern me if they do not return the favour. For some Candy Crush is a life line and I would rather be helpful than not.

  • RoseLoverSue
    RoseLoverSue Posts: 15 Level 2


    Everyone gets a "different" experience (version) of the game. King has a constant rotation of in-game options, it's all a huge "lab experiment" to test out ways to force us to spend money to play.

    I play ONLY on my Android phone and until recently, the only way I could "send" a life to a friend was if one of my friends requested a life. For me, there was NO way to simply gift lives to my in-game friends.

    Several weeks ago, I discovered that "my version of the game" now has a way to send a life without the need of a request.

    For me... up top, center screen, tap where you check what boosters you have and there is now a tab marked "Friends." This where I can now choose which friends to send lives to.

    A TIP: After ticking the box next to one friend's name and hitting "Send a Life," I have a "go back" arrow in the upper left corner, this takes me back one screen and I can then choose a different friend, send a life and repeat until I am done then I "X" out and go back to gameplay.

    Now, if only they would give back the option to refuse to play Candy Royale!!!

  • rogerrabbit
    rogerrabbit Posts: 15 Level 2

    I so agree with you, I Enjoy helping friends just get frustrated after giving someone lives and get a repeat request from same people.. I am blessed with my friends. Stay safe, stay strong, stay hopeful. Happy Playing.

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