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🌴🌞 Summer Nostalgia Season
More info HERE
🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate Pride with Candy for a chance to win Gold Bars!


CherylTeoh Posts: 174 Level 2

Prefer this type of events, not competing with other players, just minding your own business 😉

1st quest - complete 12 levels, repeating the same favorite, easy old level will do.

2nd quest - collect 2200 green candies.

3rd quest - collect 2800 orange candies.

4th quest - collect 3300 blue candies.

All can be fulfilled by playing Level 1000 : orders for 500 each of green/orange/blue candies.

Won't take up much time to complete the quests, to ease the boredom in playing the level 31 times, try starting each time with different moves.


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