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Level 4670

Sabrina_Spellman Posts: 247 Level 3

Where Happened Dark Chocolate in Level 4670?

Fix, Should be Lucky Candy (Booster) for Dark Chocolate is instead of Jelly Fish (Booster) in begin of Level 4670.

no Lucky Candy in Candy Cannon, Why use Wrapped Candy is instead of Lucky Candy in two Candy Cannons.


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,459 Level 5

    Hi @Sabrina_Spellman What they have done here is deliberate. If there was a lucky candy booster it would probably be too easy to pass and they want players to get stuck and lose their win streak. Anyone using a strong combination of starting boosters will find themselves short of chocolate. It is a typical win-streak-stopping-level, designed to stop players just bashing their way through lots of levels one after the other. The chocolate needs to grow, so this one is a challenge to just get the balance right between having enough on the board to fulfil the order and being swamped by it. Count the chocolate as you go along and you should be able to beat it eventually.

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