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🍫 The Chocolate Box Revamp - Any feedback?

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Dear Crushers,

Unlock the new Chocolate Box version and dive into a world of delightful challenges and irresistible rewards πŸŽ‰πŸ¬πŸ«

Get ready to show off your skills, make smart moves, and become a true candy-matching master!

We all remember the old version that looked like this:

And this is the new and improved version:

How does the new Chocolate Box work?

The tasks are auto-assigned to make it easier for you to start the fun immediately.

To keep the sweetness balanced, you can pick up to three tasks per day. Choose wisely and strategize your gameplay to make the most of your daily opportunities.

Remember, you can't have more than one quest in progress at a time, but with focus and determination, you'll conquer them all!

Keep an eye on the timer for new tasks, and don't forget to share your success and excitement with your fellow players.

πŸ—¨ Your feedback matters, and we are committed to continuously improving the game to ensure your utmost enjoyment.

Thank you for being part of our candy-loving community! 🍭🍬🌟

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🍫 The Chocolate Box Revamp - Any feedback? 237 votes

Love it! The Chocolate Box adds a fun and rewarding element to the game. I can't get enough of it
Kenny_Leeaautz1nishajojopeggyvereenKsirtyrainbow333carmenechevarriaFran334Spooky2020edw1972jen43Kristina1998design24_7armcandycaabdalmajeedalsaidylatjmtGermanachozinooazinoooamingy 36 votes
It's nice, but... I enjoy the concept, but there could be some improvements to make it even better
CEG-2Mary-Ann_AvellaArmyArmsPrettyBubblesDieOmimiMJR29spottedhorsethall4192lelenspSassystayElviramartinez_61KyshA72HereonlytoplayMzMinervaDecebalSheila_Risinglebabdede10527Gamble3bilbo1453 26 votes
Neutral. I'm on the fence about the Chocolate Box. It's neither a hit nor a miss for me
PummyRajSukanta_BiswasMiladyRmsmarlinAmberRaeLeostevethomas3838greddycandymoe75teeweipingchristinewupptrublz 11 votes
Not a fan. The Chocolate Box doesn't quite appeal to my taste. I prefer the old version
Lady_ChooPeter_TornarosEiJlw518Traci_Comerford_Leslie_LinkieReedrossMary_KayCyndi_JDave_EhliManfred33Karen123Nigel_CleavesTzvi_MarcuKazza-3Janine_VelasquezDiane_JBSylviaCCNorma_Brookspanda-7 164 votes
I haven't tried it yet


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