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Epic New Levels I created! (THEY LOOK OFFICIAL)

Chocoguy Posts: 111 Level 3

IDEAMAN created Insufferably Hard Levels a while ago, and by coincidence, we happen to be good friends! I’ve made an agreement with him to make use of his idea! So I’ve created some cool Insufferably Hard Levels! These even have little details like their own background and color scheme to make them look official! Insufferably Hard Levels feature a stormy theme, as well as a black, gray, and yellow color scheme. I’ve added those details as well as a level button. I hope King considers these ideas!

Yellow doesn’t spawn naturally, and the Ingredients are locked in Sugar Coats as well as Chests!

This is giving me a headache looking at it. 🤯

Same here. The Lucky Candies do nothing, and a lot of Jelly is contained in Jelly Jars.

You must make awkward maneuvers to drop the Ingredient down, due to the level layout.

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