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Caffeine Levels: A new game mode!

Chocoguy Posts: 111 Level 3

To win one of these, you must collect a certain amount of Caffeine Energy. To do this, you must destroy the candies inside of Energy Tiles. Two Caffeine Energy are collected by doing so. Each move that no Caffeine Energy is collected, you will lose one. There’s also a blue, movable type of Energy Tile, as well as an Energy Lock that locks candies until a certain amount of Caffeine Energy is collected! When Energy Locks are unlocked, they will hit 5 random candies in its radius. There are also Negative Energy Tiles, which diminish when the candy inside is destroyed, and fill when you DON’T touch them. There are movable and static Negative Energy Tiles as well.

The first ever Caffeine Level, and the introduction of the Energy Tile.

The second Caffeine Level. It introduces Blue (Movable) Energy Tiles, as well as Energy Locks.

The fourth Caffeine Level. It introduces Yellow (Static) and Blue (Mobile) Energy Tiles existing in the same level. It’s also the first Jelly-Caffeine Mixed Mode. (Sorry I forgot to add the jelly order)

The first Insufferably Hard Level to be a Caffeine Level. The Magic Mixer spawns 3 and 2-Layered Dark Chocolate, as well as Marmalade. You MUST destroy the Mixer to collect Energy. Also, 16 Energy must be collected to add more board space.

Introduction of Negative Energy Tiles. Both the White (Movable) and Black (Static) variants of the Negative Tiles exist here.

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