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Candy Healer

CandyCrushYA Posts: 420 Level 3
edited August 2023 in Ideas

I've been thinking, what if Candy Crush had a Candy Healer to Heal Blockers?


The design could look like a mini Daily Treat Machine on the board, and screws like the Magic Mixer


Like the Magic Mixer, if you match next to it, it will remove a screw, and it won't charge or add (or in this case, heal).

Unlike the Magic Mixer, it with be 2 turns without hitting it to heal a certain amount of blockers

Durability 1

  • If it doesn't get hit, it will make a little mix, like the Magic Mixer

Durability 2

  • This is when it heals
  • If it gets hit, it won't heal


It will heal at least 1 blocker by one layer

Type of Heals

There are 2 types of heals, successful heals, and unsuccessful heals.

Successful Heals

This is when the Healer can heal a blocker by 1 layer, altogether it has to be in a certain spot to be healed depending on the heal number

Unsuccessful Heals

If there is not blockers in the selected areas, no blockers at all, any blockers it can't heal, or selected blockers are on full layer, it won't heal. It will make a sound similar to hoe the Magic Mixer sound was before, just sounding like it malfunctioned (the Healer does not heal).


Like the Magic Mixer, it has 4 screws, but will still work with no screws until hit again

What it can't heal

  • Magic Mixer
  • Other Candy Healers
  • Any permanent blocker
  • Candy Bombs (but rather deduct -1)
  • Order Locks
  • Sour Skulls
  • Sugar Chests

Level designs

Evey 2 is a healer

This is the 1st level with a Healer (the 2). The order is to get the Healer

This time it will only heal the toffee swirl, but since it's full, it is unsuccessful. The Healer is on the Top Right ↗

1st appearance of needing to get a multiple amount of blockers than there are. In this case, it is 34 BonBon Blitz, only healing the Top Right ↗ BonBon Blitz. Again, the 2 is the healer.

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