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New Blocker: Cookie Cutter

Chocoguy Posts: 111 Level 3

The Cookie Cutter occupies a preset area on the board. It doesn’t affect the flow of candies at all. When it’s hit witch a Special Candy, it will create a giant gap in the area it occupies, then it will be destroyed. The Cookie Cutter is NOT mobile. When the gaps are created, any level requirements (jelly, orders, ingredients, rainbow rapids) will be collected on the deleted spaces. There IS a Cookie Cutter order as well. When the Cookie Cutter is hit with a Special Candy, it will block it from hitting any neighboring Cookie Cutters, too. These can range from helpful to annoying, and are game-changers.

The first level with the Cookie Cutters. The Cookie Cutters make this level much easier. It looks harder than it REALLY is!

The Cookie Cutters make collecting the Jelly in the isolated spaces easier. However, if you destroy the Cookie Cutter in the middle too fast, it will increase the difficulty drastically.

This level introduces with the mechanic of Cookie Cutters collecting Ingredients. As you can see, no Ingredient Exits are available, so the Cookie Cutters are crucial. You also must collect 12 Cookie Cutter orders and 70 Yellow Candy Orders. The difficulty all depends on how you use the Cookie Cutters.

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