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Chewing Gum: A blocker

Chocoguy Posts: 111 Level 3

It can have up to 4 layers, and looks like a white Bubblegum Pop. However, it doesn’t pop when it’s destroyed. Instead, the gum inside is released and becomes mobile. The gum itself has one layer, and will NOT pop when IT is destroyed, either. The released Gum can only be seen without having to be released when candy cannons are involved. This is because Candy Cannons can dispense the movable Gum base. The Gum base can also be encased in locks, including Sugar Coats.

Introduces Chewing Gum for the first time. This is one of the few times that the maximum layer count is available upon introduction!

Introduces Chewing Gum order, along with locked Chewing Gum.

First Ingredient Level with Chewing Gum, along with the first with 3 and 2 layered Chewing Gum.

First level with Chewing Gum dispensers. This showcases the similarities of Sugar Coats with Chewing Gum. There are also Candy Bombs with 13 moves on the counter. This is also the first Insufferably Hard Level with Chewing Gum.

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