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Anti-Gravity Levels

CandyCrushYA Posts: 420 Level 3

Levels with not normal gravity

This shows where candies "fall". Collect the gummy dragons Blocking the dragon in the middle is a 5 layered rainbow twist with a 3 crystal

This is the first order level with anti gravity. On 7, 9, there is a magic mixer that spawns 3 one-layered bubblegum pop. The mixer is also surrounded by one-layered candy cane curls. The red is where the pop spawns. The Candy Cannon will always spawns one-layered toffee swirls. Orders are to collect 20 rainbow twist and 50 toffee swirls.

This level makes a little swirl. This level may seem Insufferably Hard with the jelly jar in the middle, but the level has 30+ moves and has candy cannons that spawns one of both every 2 turns

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