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Minty Blast: A new Blocker

Chocoguy Posts: 111 Level 3

This Blocker is a follow up to my previous Blocker idea: the Spearmint Cane Fence:

The Minty Blast is a one-layered blocker. When it is hit, it would freeze 10-25 random candies for 2 moves, depending on your luck. This includes the high chance of potentially freezing itself, which causes it to NOT be destroyed on this occasion. This cannot be resisted, and the frozen candies are literally untouchable and unmovable until the 2 moves are used up. It does stop Mixers and Candy Bombs, however during the moves that they are frozen.

The Minty Blast

Introduces Minty Blast.

Demonstrates the property of frozen candies being frozen in time.

Frozen candies

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