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Something to think about.

nicoooooooo Posts: 0 Newbie
edited September 18 in Discussions

Candy crush is like a bad relationship, it’s easy at first and then as time goes on it gets harder and more challenging. You invest so much of your free time and it keeps drawing you in. The devil you know! It’s addictive, sometimes you wonder should I just give up, but what will fill the void, should I try something different and is the grass greener with something new. Is it worth putting up with lots of shit (adverts) to get something good that doesn’t always work out. Are the little rewards really worth it. Then there’s the gaslighting … suggestions that are just there to distract you and set you up to fail. Not to mention the ghosting and the silent treatment - fail a level and you need to wait patiently for days until it gets better, but how long does it last until you get the silent treatment again, minutes, hours, who knows. Plus the lies… so many lies - the challenges and fake friends - those that trust are blind to the game. It’s just a manipulative power play that strips of control. Much like a bad relationship.


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