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Do NOT pay for boosters or lives in Candy Crush - EVER!

carlyt6 Posts: 4 Newbie

This is a warning for Candy Crush players. Never ever ever pay for boosters or lives in Candy Crush!

I am in level 14536 - I’ve played for years and loved the game. However, a couple of weeks ago I was close to winning the Weekly Contest and, even though I had vowed to never pay for this game, I decided to spend $2.99 to help me win the contest. Since then, EVERYTHING has changed about the game.

Before I paid, I was given opportunities to watch ads to get boosters in Sweet Cinema, ads to get more lives, ads to get additional moves when I run out and am close to winning. Since I paid, NONE of these opportunities exist for me anymore. I haven’t been given a single opportunity to watch an add for a benefit. Everything has changed about the game and I hate it, seriously considering just deleting the app.

My thinking is that now that I’ve paid once, the app thinks I’ll pay again so they are taking away all of the assistance that I’ve always enjoyed on Candy Crush. They must think that I will pay for boosters/lives again so they’re going to make it nearly impossible for me to pass the easiest levels without spending more.

I went from winning 100+ episodes per week to this week winning 2. This is ridiculous.

I will NEVER pay for anything else in this game. Such a shame to ruin a game to force me to spend money. Take it from me, don’t fall for it!



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