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💬 Share your feedback on the latest levels 15 111 - 15 230 (75 extra levels to play ) 🙌

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New sweet levels are released weekly and every Tuesdays in Candy Crush Saga, and the Levels Designers want your feedback to make the game even sweeter.

This week's levels release is a special one with not only 45 new levels but an incredible 75 levels extra to play: 15 111 - 15 230 (available on W10 platform).

Comment and leave your feedback which will be shared directly with the people behind the levels!

We would also like to know how you feel about us releasing more than than the usual 45 levels!

⏳ How long will it take you to complete all these extra levels? Let us know below 😉

Note! Please stay on topic and only comment feedback regarding these levels.

Any issues with levels, comment in the Support area, any other level feedback, please start a new discussion.

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