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Candy Cup finals

Ashlovedp Posts: 6 Level 2

Please which old levels currently give more green candies? I'm in the Candy Cup finals but I don't think 45 levels can make me win the competition so I need old levels that can fetch me more green candies. Thank you dearest!


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 3,792 Level 5

    I very much doubt you'll get anywhere with playing old levels because new levels get the 30x multiplier, so even the best of old levels will only ever give you 100-200 greens. King have got rid of the end of level cascades - in fact any good cascades really in any levels - that would have given you more green candies. To win the final you would probably need a million green candies or more. This simply cannot be done in 45 levels (which might, with the multiplier, give you 5000 or maybe 10,000 each) nor with old levels. This is what players at the top of Candy Crush have long complained about.

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