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💡 Revamping the pre-loader tip "Did You Know?"

QueenB Posts: 13,441 Community Manager
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Heia Crushers,

We want to give a fresh twist to our "Did You Know?" preloader tips, and we're eager to fill them with brand-new and updated content.

What is this you might be asking? Well, the preloader tips are the ones you see when you open the game:

This is where we need your help!

We realize the importance of providing useful information that can enhance your gaming experience, whether you're just starting out, mastering the intermediate levels, or conquering the advanced stages.

We'd love to hear from you about the kinds of tips or tricks you think would be most helpful. What kind of advice would you have wanted when you were a beginner?

Are there any strategies you've discovered that you wish you knew earlier?

Or perhaps there's something specific you think we should ask our players directly.

Your feedback is crucial in making Candy Crush Saga even more enjoyable for everyone.

Share your thoughts and suggestions with us – let's make our game better together! 🍬

💡 Revamping the pre-loader tip "Did You Know?" 63 votes

I'd love to see more fun facts about Candy
Lady_ChooPummyRajsamm_kmlPitty_KittyJavikas200mimisGermanachonagibilaDBraindjimousherazkhanMarirKleppHow24fast24 13 votes
I'd like to get more helpful tips about Boosters
Ada_VieceliAndres-2Colleen12SabrinaMBert1956bearwithmeSpinnifixPrettyBubblesMiladyRMountainMomDieOmimiMollySAmberRaeLeoShilviya18rebelchildCassDadidas11zs1982lillyb51greddycandyRacoon7 48 votes
I don't know what these are, I haven't been paying attention
aautz1MyHell 2 votes


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