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Haleya21 Posts: 2 Newbie

Learn your own game, u cannot move a candy that is under an ice block so when u have no moves to make the game will not shuffle candies around for u. U have to either use all ur tools uve purchased or else end the game and play again because of this and it just keeps hinting at moving a cand that is under ice block and u cannot move those u can only move a candy to an ice block but not out from under one! So learn your own game that uve created so it'll stop costing players so much money because that is cheating us out of our money and that is same as stealing from us and it is sorry as f_!


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 4,793 Level 5

    Hello @Haleya21

    If the game does not reshuffle then there always is a valid possible move.

    The ice often causes confusion because you cannot touch and move candies covered by ice. However, it is possible to make the same match by tapping on and moving a candy not covered by ice. This is my starting board:

    The game is suggesting I create a wrapped candy by moving and matching the blue candies in the top row up on the left. I cannot move the top left blue candy because it is covered by ice. But I can move the purple candy, which is not covered, to the left, making that same match. Moving the purple candy in the top row left swaps its place with the blue, which creates a wrapped candy. This is my board after I made this move. You can see there now is a blue wrapped candy on the third row.

    You can always move candies into the ice. I do agree that this takes some getting used to, and you are not the first player to think there is no valid move. I do agree that the way the game gives the hint it will appear that you should move the candy covered by ice, but next time this happens, watch out for the candy in the row above or below the match and move that one instead. It is ALWAYS possible.

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