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🗳️❄️ Winter Games Feedback Poll

QueenB Posts: 13,874 Community Manager
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The Winter Games are in full swing, and the competition between Team Yeti and Team Tiffi is as sweet and thrilling as ever💥

We're in the heat (or should we say, the chill?) of the Winter Games, and we'd love to know how you're feeling about the event so far!

Please select the option that best describes your experience with the Winter Games. Your feedback is invaluable in making Candy Crush Saga even sweeter!

How are you finding the Winter Games?

Choose the option that best reflects your experience 😉

Good luck with the Winter Games event, and may it be a sweet success! 🍬🎉

🗳️❄️ Winter Games Feedback Poll 58 votes

Loving it! – it's the highlight of my day
12% 7 votes
Enjoying the competition, especially Team Yeti vs. Team Tiffi
20% 12 votes
Thrilled by the challenges – they're just right
1% 1 vote
Happy with the rewards – they're worth the effort
6% 4 votes
Appreciating the community engagement – it feels great to be part of this
5% 3 votes
It's too difficult – struggling to progress...(please comment)
13% 8 votes
Hoping for better rewards – they could be sweeter
22% 13 votes
Having fun, but I have some suggestions for improvement...(please comment)
8% 5 votes
Not as engaged as I hoped to be
8% 5 votes
Wishing for more variety in challenges and events...(please comment)
0% 0 votes


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