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I want Candy Crush to be more of a challenge

marin706 Posts: 3 Newbie

every single time I open candy crush I’m forced to accept boosters and gifts that make the levels way easier to beat. I very much dislike that, I don’t enjoy using any boosters unless I deem it necessary. By forcing me to start with those big bombs or striped candies, I can’t enjoy the game nearly as much as a challenge to play. Yes some levels are still hard and take a few tries but I feel as if my autonomy is stripped and taken away to just click click click on every booster like it’s my choice and we all know many apps love to elude users into thinking there’s choice but this is just a game, not a wheel for a discount on some retail app. Please someone tell me how to disable to constant gifts


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,440 Level 5
    edited April 24

    Hello @marin706 You must be playing the early levels of Candy Crush?

    My advice would be to play to win every episode race and gather as much gold as you can. You will need lots of gold later on in the game! The free timed boosters the game gifts you are meant to help new players of the game enjoy the game and make you believe it's easy and fun to play and that you are good at Candy Crush. If you really want to not use them, then let them expire or change the clock on your device back, that will get rid of timed boosters as well.

    When you come to levels 225 to 265 King have put in some levels that can only be passed using boosters or paying gold for extra moves. So keep your gold and any boosters that are not timed, that you are given for those super hard and legendary levels.

    Any boosters you are gifted by the game that are not timed you can save for later. On the pre level screen, untick the boosters! So tap on the green tick to untick and they will be added to your inventory for use later. You will definitely need boosters as you move up the levels. The more boosters you save up for when the going gets tough, the better. Rest assured, the game will become much more of a challenge the more you play. How I know this? Because King have fixed the levels to make money and I've tried playing them all many times. Many of them can only be passed on a first attempt if you use boosters.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 14,418 Legend

    There is no way to disable any feature Candy Crush I am sorry to say @marin706

    What you can do is play more slowly. If you don't want the rewards that the game provides then don't win them and the best way of doing that is to play slowly so that you don't win things like the Episode Race or the Weekly Contest.

    If you win timed boosters don't play until their time has run out.

    The only feature that I can't think of a way to avoid is the Win Streak boosters as they are provided when you complete a level on the first attempt and they automatically appear when you start a level.

  • marin706
    marin706 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Thanks I found if I close the app and restart or wait it’s gone, I am so tired of the like rewards that are for the next 30 minutes and I can’t disable it

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