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agatha_scoller Posts: 16 Level 2

I was in first place in the first round of the third stage, with more than 300 thousand stars in front of second place. In less than 4 minutes he got 500 thousand stars and by coincidence, he was also participating in the weekly competition with me, so I could know how many stages he had advanced. He just didn't advance ANY stages. How did he manage to overtake me? I am completely disappointed. I don't want to play anymore, the fun is over. It's okay not to be able to win, but how does someone get stars so quickly without passing any stage? I tried so hard. :(


  • sinedan777
    sinedan777 Posts: 5 Level 2

    Hello, dear forum members and developers!

    I have been playing Candy Crush Saga since its inception and recently reached level 15423. I am currently participating in the “All Stars” tournament, where I successfully completed the first stage by passing 1064 levels. The next stages are coming up, and I anticipate having to pass about 1000 levels on each. However, a question arises: what will happen if I run out of available levels? How will I be able to collect purple candies to continue participating in the tournament?

    Additionally, I encountered a situation where one of my opponents was a new player. Considering that the difficulty of the initial levels significantly differs from the difficulty at levels 14000-15000, I am curious about how fair this distribution of participants in the tournament is. This situation is disappointing as it creates unequal competition conditions.

    I would appreciate any information or advice, as well as your opinion on the balance of difficulty and fairness in tournaments.

    Best wishes, from one who has been with you from the very beginning

  • agatha_scoller
    agatha_scoller Posts: 16 Level 2

    @Sinedan77 I didn't understand your comment in my complaint, they are different issues. But to answer your question, even if there are phases far from each other, their level of difficulty is the same.

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