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Scam of the year

AlexLeon Posts: 1 Newbie
It's very rare that a weird profile that seems fake gets you so many points so suddenly to win you and make more than 40,000 points in such little time… More than 16 levels without mistakes and no freeze app like magic…and is so weird that my game and app starts to freeze and the adds fail too and took me out of the game… what a BIG SCAM OF THE YEAR…


  • Apr007
    Apr007 Posts: 2 Newbie

    The whole All Star competition was a scam. Either King and the entire candy crush team was in on it or they had no control over what went on on their platform and that’s sad. You can’t have a competition like that and make it possible for people to cheat. Getting those purple stars became almost impossible as some point, it felt like I was getting knocked out of the competition, I’d play 5 games straight, no single purple star or only a few would pop up at the end..It made no sense since the what we needed to gather for the competition. I had to restart my phone several times. However, the player who ended up at the top of my leaderboard managed to get 10s of thousands every time the scores were updated. Their score didn’t change when I didn’t play, cos their score is the same when I dropped my phone to rest and when I got back to playing. Once I started playing, their score would start flying up again.
    I really thought y’all was trust worthy cos I gave this my all, spent a lot of money, stayed up for several days…

    You guys totally ruined this game for me, I don’t even feel like opening the app these days. Very soon ppl will catch on to this scam and no one would participate in your competitions or take you seriously anymore.

    If you were honorable and left everyone to play on a level playing field, you’d still make money but I guess cheating ppl and making sure you selected the winners yourself was easier.

    You guys have no idea how much that stuff affected me. The disappointment, the money I wasted only to come second to a bot … Anyway, I hope the Universe gives y’all what you deserve.

  • ViolettaP
    ViolettaP Posts: 110 Level 2
    edited May 15

    It is a scam. The game, competition and this community are rigged.

    Let the best bot win!

  • pollyd
    pollyd Posts: 1 Newbie

    and other just regular contests I would be 5-9 place and there would be 300,000 point difference from first to me so NO chance of even coming close to win, have not won any contests that give gold bars

  • Suki_su
    Suki_su Posts: 72 Level 2

    King was flat broke a couple of years back, they even stopped paying the winners on the website page for a few months, and just keept it on the down load…

    .…and... all of a sudden, just like a miracle, they have two back to back high value money competitions...hmmmm

    ...i smell something rotten in the air....

    And btw, dont believe the number of players "following" King on social media...all paid followers ( fakebook, I.G, and so on)...

    Real players dont use those platforms, and they are digging the scam on other platforms (discord, twitch, telegram, snapchat, etc).

    Just follow the white rabbit 🐇

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