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ALL STARS Finalist help

mommy520 Posts: 28 Level 2

I came in first in all 3 of my final knockout rounds. I found out that finalist were starting to be contacted last Friday. When I found that out I reached out because I hadn't gotten my email yet. I was told that I did qualify and that all qualified finalist will be contacted soon. Then I emailed again and heard back on Monday they were going in sequence, and told to have patience multiple times, and that they are still reaching out. I dont want to email them again today because i don't want to feel pushy, but this is a huge deal and i dont know why i haven't gotten my official email yet. I keep seeing people on this site say that if you havent been contacted by now you probably wont be??? but i won first on my board, so i should be contacted… what should i do? what would you do? TIA


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,862 Level 5

    Hello, @mommy520 I can fully understand how you are feeling here. It must be nerve wrecking. Perhaps I am partly to blame for assuming and posting here that players would already have been contacted. I might be wrong about that. It was my assumption because @QueenB has posted that the winners will be made public here soon and King would have to check the finalists' passports and if they are free to travel and prepared to sign a non disclosure etc before deciding on the winners. But strictly speaking King have stated that the winners will be contacted by May 17th, so there is one more day to go. What was your final score and did you by chance take a screenshot of your final leaderboard and you are sure you fulfilled all the conditions as stated in the Terms and Conditions? I don't think there is anything you can do right now other than wait until either King contact you or they publish the list of the ten winners. It's a hard wait, I know, but really you have done everything you can do at this point.

  • mommy520
    mommy520 Posts: 28 Level 2

    Sorry it took a while to respond. I was trying to be patient and give them a chance to figure it out, but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. I attached two photos, one showing me winning the final round and another that was on my candy crush account the day before at least some of the finalists were contacted. I'm going to write a timeline of the important pieces but first a little background.

    On the final day my son had a basketball tournament, so I took him to that and after I almost immediately started playing. To my surprise after I played my first game and got put on a leaderboard, boy was I surprised when I was already in 5th and on a small board. The first place person at the time had a little under 200,000 points. I immediately knew that I could beat that and started playing. Within a few hours I passed 1st place and then they took a break for what i think was like 4 hours. This allowed me to get a good lead on them. I played nonstop. When there was about 4 Ish hours left I could tell that second was buying boosters because they were quickly starting to gain on me. So, I started to buy them, that morning the tournament ended at 6 AM my time, that is when I started work that day. My husband drove me to work so that I could continue to play, and I went to work after playing for about 19 hours straight. I was surviving off of adrenaline. But at the end I won.

    Email Timeline-

    May 6th, I emailed and let them know I won and if they knew when we would be contacted.

    I received an email back basically saying

    "After checking on our end, I can let you know that if you were indeed qualified, you would get contacted by us. We'd need your details, so we'd request you fill a form and continue from there."

    I wrote back saying I had received that form and filled it out and sent them the screen recording of me doing it and a screenshot of my winning board.

    still May 6th I got an email back telling me to contact them a special way through the game. I had previously been just emailing them. I did as they asked.

    They responded saying that they forwarded this info to the specialist to investigate and would get back to me and to keep a close eye on my email.

    So, to me this seemed like the initial contact I had knew nothing about All Stars and it had to go to another department to help.

    May 7th I get a response:

    "I would like to let you know our team is reviewing the tournament results and they will contact the eligible finalists."

    Then on May 9th I get the following pop up on my screen that i shared above. I contact someone else that I know won, they got it too, they contact others that didn't win, and they didn't have that.

    May 10th I hear that several winners have been contacted and I hadn't so I sent in an email asking if I should be expecting something soon.

    They respond back on May 10th-

    "Since you've already filled out the form and also qualified as top 1 from the last knockout, there's nothing to worry about. We'll reach out to all qualified participants soon, so please keep an eye on our communication. "

    So obviously I start getting really excited, it should be any day now, right?

    May 12th I email again because I've heard at least 3 people were contacted and its really hard to wait. Just asking if there are any updates?

    May 13th I get:

    "Our team is currently reviewing the list and contacting players in sequence, which requires some time. We kindly ask for a bit more patience as we continue with this process."

    May 16th I email saying there is only one more day left is there any news?

    they respond that day: "The specialized team is reviewing case by case to ensure the competition was as fair as possible and to have the rightful contestans."

    So, now im starting to second guess things. I am in a group that didn't have a huge number of participants and we didn't score really high scores. Why would you be investigating the lower groups unless you were investigating your own mistake by opening too many boards.

    May 17th the last day they say they are going to contact finalists and nothing. So, I send one more email saying its the last day and saying that I'm starting to feel like they had more boards open then 10.

    They respond:

    Thank you for getting back to us and I am sorry if you haven't been contacted by our team yet. Rest assured our Studio team is checking the results. It's not possible to share any information while the investigation is on going.

    At one point in an email, they said that they wanted to make sure it was fair. What would be fair about anyone missing out on an opportunity like this due to no fault on their side, and basically be left in the dark. My husband found second place was a Barbara D. From the US. If me or her aren't in the finals, then it seems like they had more boards open then 10 and just ignored our board.

    I am so disheartened honestly. I spent so much time, and effort and missed out on things with my kids to do this. And this is how it is being handled right now? I just want real answers.

  • stephenamanda
    stephenamanda Posts: 33 Level 2

    Hey so u say u know more people that either won or lost in the final round... Do u know if anyone of them have a screenshot for the final leaderboard of them winning or losing? I'm tryna to verify how many boards where actually going on. I have located 5 so far. So if so please post any and all that u know of or can find . U can post on my other post. U can see the other leaderboards also

  • mommy520
    mommy520 Posts: 28 Level 2

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