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Allstars challenge

darrell88 Posts: 10 Level 2

Figured I was in the top ten of the candy crush allstars. I was 2nd, I got screwed. Had over 30,000 purple candies. Was kneck and kneck with the guy hit 1st. I made it through all three rounds


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,862 Level 5
    edited May 18

    There were ten final leaderboards with 100 players each, so 1000 players in the final round. So no, you did not get screwed. There could only be ten winners, by definition.

    Also, are your numbers wrong? 30,000 purple candies would not have gotten you anywhere in those final three knockout rounds. You needed about 4 or 5 million to win the last round. Also you mention three rounds, but there were actually six rounds. Earlier you mentioned in another post that you never got the form to fill in. I am starting to wonder, did you actually play in the final three knockout rounds @darrell88 ? Could it be you only played the three qualifying rounds? Those might have seen scores of 30,000 purple. The final knockout stages started on April 20th and lasted until April 28th.

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