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fix this bug

En9998 Posts: 36 Level 2

i have not been claiming any booster even though i saved the characters from the volcanic panic, this is what happened i played candy crush saga on my ipad in offline mode and i actually passed the levels which this event was in:

as u can see in the map even though i passed many levels i didn’t claim any booster since them, i thought that this was actually a bug so i tried to replay the level but when i try to play the level this happens:

i’m currently in level 5543 and since i’ve contiuned to play the game on my iPhone i haven’t collected the boosters anymore, i actually may fix it by deleting the game and re installing it again but, i’m not doing it since in the terms and conditions of King it reads that the boosters aren’t synced to my facebook account and that’s the reason why i came to write this glitch in the community, wish u may fix it as quickly as possible, oh and please don’t say that i don’t deserve those lost boosters because in the end of each map even though it shows nothing i rescued the characters from “volcanic panic” or whatever the name of the event is, as u may see in these pictures below:

ohh and also one more thing i don’t think that this should be just an event rescuing characters on candy crush is so much fun, so please keep it going on..



  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,796 Level 5

    The volcanic event is being tested in just a small group of players at the moment and clearly there are still some problems like the one you mentioned here. I also have this event and can only access it on my iPad. On my iPhone, on the same login, I only have the normal end of episode levels. I haven't tried playing offline, but I can see how this has messed up the event for you. Unfortunately we are all just players here so can't help you with getting your boosters that you are owed. Try writing to player support and they might help you with this. I actually continue to get this event now on my iPad, in every episode, it repeats and repeats. I also quite like it, but as I said, it is just being tested at the moment, so hopefully if King do roll it out to everyone then the issue of losing the event if playing offline that you encountered might get fixed.

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