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There is no support and no friends

777_8888_ Posts: 17 Level 2

please please 14 years And I play this game I didn't find real friends I did not find adequate support I Some games are difficult and last a week, and the control should be changed for more than two days Thank you very much, Carol


  • 777_8888_
    777_8888_ Posts: 17 Level 2

    Also urgent support please please Good-bye

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 6,786 Level 5

    Hello @777_8888_ and nice to see you here in this community! Well done for playing for 14 years. I have also played for many years and found the game has changed a lot since the early days. It has become harder, especially if you are past levels 11,000. Which level do you play? The game is made so hard because King want you to spend money to move on. I advise against that. I started a new game from level 1 and found it more fun, maybe try that?

    Friends in Candy Crush can only give you lives and no other support. It is a single player game and not made to made any real life friends and there is no way to chat to others in the game. But we can support each other here in the community. We are all players like you, not part of King, so we cannot change the game for you, but maybe help with some tips or help you find more active friends to send you lives in the game.

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