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🎂 🥳 New! Candy Celebrations event: overview!

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Dear Candy Crushers,
A new event arrives to Candy Crush Saga: Candy Celebrations, and you are invited to this party!
👉 👉 Comment below and confirm you attendance. Let us know you are coming by telling us you Candy Crusher name!

The Candy Celebration will be a 3 weeks event, starting on the 4th Nov, where every week you will compete against other Candy Crushers around the world to reach the top 10 positions on the leaderboard and win delicious rewards.

🎁 Claim your 24 hours Unlimited Lives!

To commemorate the Candy National Day, (4th of November), we will be starting the Candy Celebrations + offering you a very special gift: 24 hours Unlimited Lives!

Mark it on your calendar and don't miss out!

🎂 🥳 Candy Celebrations! Event overview:

🎯 Objective: Collect as many points as possible can and reach the top positions on your leaderboard to win sweet rewards!
🗓 Dates: Candy Celebrations from November 4th until November 22nd
🆙 Update your game to the latest version! (App version 1.188)

 🎂 Candy Celebrations - Week I: Collect Golden Crowns

  • Starting on Wednesday, Nov 4th until Monday, Nov 9th
  • How do you collect a Golden Crown? You need to pass a level at the first try, without losing a life. Then you will win a Golden Crown. 🙌
  • Information about event mechanics, dates and rewards ➡️ (HERE)
  • 🥳 Share your daily position on your Leaderboard with the community and celebrate your progress ➡️➡️ HERE
  • Feedback needed! Did you enjoy Candy Celebration Week I? Vote and share your feedback HERE

🎂🎂 Candy Celebrations - Week II: Pass Levels

  • Starting on Wednesday, Nov 11th until Monday, Nov 16th.
  • Information about event mechanics, dates and rewards ➡️ HERE
  • 🥳 Share your daily position on your Leaderboard and celebrate with us your progress during the 2nd week of Candy Celebrations!! ➡️➡️  HERE

Community feedback:

  • Did you have fun playing the Week II? Vote and share your feedback ➡️ HERE!
  • Candy Celebrations Week I vs. Week II - Which one did you enjoy the most? Let us know ➡️ HERE

🎂 🎂 🎂 Candy Celebrations - Week III: Collect Stars

  • Starting on Wednesday, Nov 18th until Monday, Nov 23rd.
  • Information about event mechanics, dates and rewards ➡️ HERE
  • 🥳 Share your daily position on your Leaderboard and celebrate with us your progress during the 3rd week of Candy Celebrations!! ➡️➡️ HERE

📌 Event mechanics:

  • Every week, during the duration of the event, from Wednesday to Sunday, we will participate in different events and compete against other Candy Crushers around the world! 
  • You will be randomly paired against 30 other Candy Crushers in one Leaderboard.
  • At the end of every week event, the top 10 players will receive rewards!
  • Rewards will be different depending on your final position in the leaderboard: 1st place, 2nd & 3rd place, 4th & 5th place and, also, 6th until 10th that will receive the same reward.

🔆 Other information:

  • ❗Min. level required: Level 10!
  • For this event, players at the top of the Saga Map will be able to participate! However, they will only have available the levels we release on weekly basis.F
  • All event winners will receive their 'Week Event' reward the week after.

Happy Candy Celebrations everyone!! 🍬 🍬


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